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: Reva’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
By: Commasplice103
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairings: Reva/Natalia, Olivia/Natalia, Emma/Interrupting, Jane/Unemployment, Blake/Dor.... did you really keep reading past Reva/Natalia?

Rating: Please be a legal adult. I mean, it only has whiffs of-R, but it makes me feel better.
Disclaimer1: Reader assumes full responsibility for any urges to administer bleach to their own glistening orbs.

Disclaimer 2: written to squick out Shaych03

Notes:…Assume Otalia, assume Jeffery got back from his inept Edmund chasing, and assume the Dinah/Deadmund crap didn’t happen

BETA by the wonderful Listener15


Upon his return to town Jeffery O’Neil had received the welcome and embracement that he had expected, and some behavior that he hadn’t expected.Collapse )
How are you doing today, flisters? Me? I have only had a half of a cup of coffee so far and yet was forced to field a staircase obstacle course, and while trying no to step on minion2 I have injured my bionic knee. so, that's fun.

3 things today... Collapse )

oprah is a liar


I am over the freak out about my anniversary (though another freak-out might be in the works over how old 15 years makes me feel. thank goodness I can still use the "i got married young" spiel). We actually talked it out because, well, we are not great with keeping things from each other. We'll probably go with a concert at a winery when a good one comes our way. For the actual day, well I just might go with the suggestions (photo book, first date)... those are pretty good ideas. Thanks!

Anyway, SO. I'm trying to pull myself out of the quiet-groove I've got going... so here are some random things about:Fandom, music, and life/Oprah selling lies.Collapse )
I have almost finished my mourning. I tried absolutely everything that I could to revive that fucker (a very, very old macbookpro, whose disk drive hasn't worked in a year, who already had major open surgeries and replacements, but still!)
It will never regain consciousness. 

I feel rather like this about it:
(pertinent part at about 3:06)


AAAANnnnnd LJ is being a fucker about the embedding so, sorry it's just a link to an Elvira Kurt comedy bit...

But hey, I finally have the latest three MIRANDA eps! So, that'll cheer anyone up.

Merry Christmas

I hope all my flisters are having at least some good times, and Happy Holidays to all. 
obligatory minion xmas pic under the cutCollapse )
It was too expensive to go see the huge crazy family this year, so we stayed here and it's been good. 
Minion1&2 have had a great time. Though Minion2 would have had a great time if we had let her play with the boxes themselves. 


I have a new espresso machine. I think I'm still buzzed on the caffeine. 

Evil Minion lessons going well, I think


Me: Time to go upstairs.

Minion #1: Just one minute, I'm writing a note to the Spring Elf.

Me: Okay. Just what does the Spring Elf do?

Minion #1: He brings us Spring stuff like bunnies and sunshine and maybe Spring toys.

Me: Oh. What does your note say?

Minion #1: It says 'Dear Spring Elf, please bring us Spring stuff'

Me: Well, that's nice.

Minion #1: 'Or we will trap you.'

that'll get your heart started

the minions were out (dual napping - score!)

I thought about yard work, but my frakking uterus thought it'd be a better idea to curl up on the couch.

So, put on Sherlock S02 E1, which I hadn't seen yet.

knock on door. I ignored. I usually ignore except for neighbors, but after a moment I looked through the keyhole for UPS just in case. And there's a pickup truck in my drive. And a man putting carrying a ladder toward the side of the roof the minion's are on. !!! Wondered briefly why I'd sold my softball bat.

Turns out he's the roof inspector for the house next door. Their addy is a Tenth of a digit off of mine. But I assured him I was not buying/selling my house though a polite Polish man next door was.

Blerg. I think I'll get some tea to return to Sherlock with.


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